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Predict Who Fills Each Head Coach Vacancy

PK Manley

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I thought it would be interesting to post our predictions of who fills each coaching vacancy, and then we can look back after it's all done and see who got most of them correct. Below are my predictions and a short blurb on why I think each will happen.

ATL - Rex Ryan - Not really going to go into this much, as I don't want this to be a Rex-dominated thread, but he's my preference and I think we land him

SF - Vic Fangio - The defense has been the key to the Niner's recent success, so they elect to promote Fangio and keep the rest of the defensive staff intact.

CHI - Todd Bowles - With their QB issues, the Bears decide to pull the plug on trying to be an offensive juggernaut, and get back to what they're known for, defense. Bowles is the guy to turn the defense around quickly.

NYJ - Dan Quinn - The Jets have some talent on defense, but the secondary needs to be rebuilt. Quinn's time with the Seahawks may be the key to doing just that.

OAK - Jack Del Rio - His name has been mentioned a lot for this job, he is from the area, and I don't think they'll be able to attract one of the sexier names.

*BUF - Mike Smith (for now) - This one just came open, so I haven't thought about it much yet, but this franchise needs some stability, and that is the type of job that might work for Smith.

*Edited to add Buffalo

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Atl- The baddest mofo out their Rex Ryan. I don't give a fuk about them other opening. Would love to get the Saints OC Pete Carmichael and make him the Asst. Head Coach/OC. You know Carmichael probably knows that offense as well as Payton does. Would have to give Carmichael the Asst. Head Coach title as well as the OC position so it wouldn't be a lateral move. Then if you really wanna make it the greatest day in my life let the Stains hire McDaniels as their new OC.

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