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Best Mock I've Done

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OLB Tamba Hali

TE Charles Clay

RT Joseph Barksdale
















1. OLB Vic Beasley

2. OLB/DE Nate Orchard

3. RB David Johnson

4. CB Kevin White

5. WR Jamison Crowder

6. DT Kaleb Eulls

7. PK


Hali has a lot left in the tank and provides locker room leadership. Clay is the receiver TE we need and Barksdale improves the OL. Not sold on Schraeder.

Spoon moves to the middle with Worrilow his backup. Beasley and Orchard on the outside.

I would prefer Ray but he might be gone so Beasley is next man up. Much improved LB corp with Spoon, Beasley, and Orchard. RB David Johnson is a beast to replace Jax. Kevin White will be real good in the slot for depth behind Wilson and Allen. Crowder replaces HD. Reminds me of Antonio Brown.

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Not a lot of analysis..so not sure why you picked who you did. If you're talking david Johnson of northern Iowa that's way too high for a Jason Snelling type back. Have you seen him play? He's like molasses . He's no SJax in his younger days

I like Beasley and orchid is a good player.

Why you dumping HD? Still good for what he is...a third or fourth option

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good job, but IMO LG is a bigger issue than RT. Falcons have a ton of money being sunk into Blaylock for an average at best pass blocker and below average run blocker. I'd rather see him cut/and a FA brought in to replace him. Someone you can undoubtedly run behind to get the tough yards. I'd also consider a WR or CB in the second as opposed to another edge player.

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Worrilow is not a starter at Mlb in the NFL. LBer play was a big reason for not stopping the run. Spoon has only been a serviceable starter, he can walk as far as I'm concerned.

Do not draft a RB or WR or TE in the 1st three rounds. Skill players aren't a pressing need.

I see a lot of people letting McClain go. He is a good 3rd, 4th, DB who is reliable and experienced.

Hali doesn't interest me

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Your top FA and your first 2 picks all play the same position. What type of scheme are you running? Your sentence at the bottom suggests you want to play Orchard at SLB and Beasley at WLB in a 3 backer set… I can't consign that. Plus Hali was absolute garbage this yr. By far the worst season of his career when Houston had his best… no thanks.

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