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Dimitroff Is Brilliant But Needs To Listen To Advice And Make The Final Decision.


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"Even demonstrably bad teams beat these Falcons, which would seem to make the Falcons themselves demonstrably bad. A general manager who has had seven drafts and seven rounds of free agency to build a complete roster has failed to build anything but a throw-and-catch operation. Thomas Dimitroff should be gone, too." AJC

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I commend Dimitroff for keeping quiet--while his picks were not being played...

92.9 the Game and AJC media will have to speak to him soon... I bet they won't say all to his face.. They seem to be reading these boards, and stirring the pot.. Masking suggestions in the form of questions to their audience of listeners and readers..

Mike Smith had success, but he inhereted Abe, a veteran defense, and Matt Ryan...Smith backed the thought that they really needed no more Free Agent or highly drafted pass-rushers...You heard them say that they were confident in their scheme--and said that "1 sack-master isn't that important".. (Some of this is true with teams like The Steelers and Patriots) .There were so many articles about Mass and Mapoga's development, but they were not played..Smith's borther-in-law spoke-against the talent on the squad, but he did not give them much opportunities without injuries.. Now, it's known that he did not want any one dominant player in thier front 7. They chose to save- money there, and not draft anyone high. Dimitroff picks were not given much snaps --unless there were injuries to vets..

[Again, these out of town media and radio personalities are sort of opportunistic, but are not fair and committed with their roster research...Some of these guys are pulling 2-3 checks form 2-3 different jobs, and need to settle-down, work just one job, and cut-back on family expenses, cars, and homes, and really research the local team, and make some sense. You cannot focus on all of the lcoal rosters, and moves--then rely on the callers and readers to "get you up-to-speed" on everything...Watch these young players in-preseason, and these schemes..SOme of these ex-players on-air do not really know or watch any games because they have "too many irons in the fire" so to speak. Commit to cover thee lcoal teams. Be fair. Stop grand-stading, and keep just 1 job. Let the others go. Nothing against making more money, and branching-out, but move-on--if you cannot commit to research the local teams rosters and schemes..Otherwise, I'm hearing and readng a bunch or rhetoric without esplanations and details..How can they ask the calllers to do the research about "TD's job", when they are basing everything on speculation of callers and tweets.. They do not know schemes, players, nor do they watch all of the games of all the local teams.]

Sometimes, for Smith...When one does well, one doesn't see what is missing, just what you've done..You go with your "guys", and play your hand your way, and you lose... You keep hoping for "your guys", and it just doesn't work...It's heart, not strategy.

Dimitroff came from "The Patriot way"...Some things here, did not seem like their way was emulated... So, I expect to see it moreso now..

For years The Patriots contiued to draft DE-types and DTs at the bottom of the first round, and not WRs for their QB Tom Brady. So now, I really doubt that it was even 50% Dimitroff's choice to trade-up for Julio Jones..

I expect Josh McDaniels will be The Falcons next coach now...

I believe that if Dimitroff is going-out, he's probably going "The Patriot Way" to the fullest extent possible here now...

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