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In The Light Of Day, Falcons Were Exposed For What They Are!


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In Freudian parlance: Masochist - As many beatings they have received over the last couple of years, and as clearly and profoundly displayed this past Sunday, they let the panty wearing Cam Newton and his boys totally humiliate them in front of a paying audiance, and on semi-National TV. This could be the only reasonable eplination for such wimpish and inept display of effort for the last two years. Arthur say it last year and tried to remedy it, but finding any real men proved too much of an issue for those responsible for changing the teams identity.

Look my friends at the Lions, or the Seahawks - they attract more of the sadist, psychotic types and they don't mind showing it.

When you look at TD, or Rich McKay, do they look more like Masochist, or Sadists? How about Kroy, or Baker?

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