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Db#11 Mock Offseason V 6.0

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So things have happened.... Smitty is gone, We didnt make it to the postseason,and we now know where we are drafting. This of course all leads to me expressing my thoughts on most of this while throwing out some new fresh ideas since it seems as if we are trying to do the same as a Franchise. So here it is.

I have already made a topic as to how I personally feel about Blank's decision to fire Smith, and also how I felt about him doing his business. And if you wanna read it the link will be below. But in this Mock Offseason you shall not even see me address our coaching and GM situation as it stands because no matter how hard y'all speculate or dream about the perfect coaching staff and GM combination chances are it ain't happening. But stay optimistic because hopefully our "expert" team of coaching scouters will find us someone who can change the landscape of our squad especially entering the new stadium.


Alright now lets address our team... As of right now we have loads of wasted rosters spots and players that need to be cut or traded. So hear is who I personally would get rid of...

13 T.J. Yates

39 Steven Jackson

35 Antone Smith

34 Jerome Smith

42 Patrick DiMarco

84 Roddy White (trade)

86 Bear Pascoe

66 Peter Konz

72 Sam Baker (retirement)

68 Gabe Carimi

79 Jonathan Scott

79 Mike Johnson

95 Jonathan Babineaux

98 Cliff Matthews

50 Osi Umenyiora (retirement)

71 Kroy Biermann

51 Marquis Spruill

54 Tyler Starr

28 Javier Arenas

29 Sean Baker

30 Charles Godfrey

22 Zeke Motta

If you tally up all the players in bold there are a total of 22. That to me at least is a big roster change. Now most of those players will be cut, but as for Roddy he shall be involved in a trade just a little ways below.

So what shall we do to fix this defense? I for one would prefer us to go into a 4-3 system. Some say we have 3-4 pieces that we don't utilize, but with some fine coaching I don't see why we couldn't make a 4-3 work with our pieces in place. With that in mind here is our FA signings.

Jason Pierre-Paul, complain and gripe all you want about how Justin Houston wasn't apart of my plan. But JPP would be a huge addition in the right direction to fix this defense. He not only is a young pass rusher, but he also is a nice run defender also. And when the man is in his groove he is a force to be reckoned with. Don't believe me? Watch his performance against Jake Matthews and tell me how well he did.

Clint Boling, I seen his name tossed around in another mock, and I gotta say after watching some Bengals games this year I was impressed. He is a very good run blocker who would be a instant upgrade Blacock.

John Abraham, I know the tweets were fake, but is it really outta the box to say that he would come home? I mean he obviously loved it hear and left on a very humble and accepting note. Especially compared to TG and Osi. So why shouldn't we bring him back on a cheap deal? I mean it couldn't hurt our pass rush.

Patrick Willis, this is my final FA signing and well what can I say about him that is negative. He is literally an All-Pro MLB. Lucky for us San Fran is in cap **** plus they already got decent depth with Borland and Bowman so he could actually fall right to us. Would be one awesome pickup. Definite upgrade over Worrilow.

So the final matter to attend too is the draft. Which as we all know now we shall be picking 8th which puts us right on the verge of a decent pass rusher,trading back,or filling a need. I choose to fill a need as opposed to trading back or selecting another pass rusher. Here is my draft...

1st-Brandon Schreff, OT Iowa

What I have done here is solidify our line for MANY years. If we was to draft him we would have a lineup of Matthews,Boling,Stone,Asamoah,Schreff with Hawley,Holmes,Blalock,and Schraeder as depth. If you ask me I wouldn't worry about Ryan's protection for the rest of his career let alone for the year.

Trade our 2nd,next years 3rd,and Roddy White for the 18th overall pick (KC) and the selection is...

1st-Kevin White, WR West Virginia

What I have done is gotten rid a WR on decline who has a biggish contract, and replaced him with a Larry Fitz 2.0 with better speed. The kid is a tall possesion WR that is excellent at using his body. If he and Julio were paired together it would be very dangerous. And I don't think I over-valued either I mean we are practically trading a 3rd and Roddy to the Chiefs for their 1st rounder. Seems fair to me.... Or do I need to polish off my "rose-colored glasses"?

3rd-Markus Golden, OLB/DE Missouri

Here is yet another pass rusher to help out this horrid pass rush. Golden is a great all-around player who can run stuff just as well as he can rush the passer, and if he fell to us in the 3rd I would be greatly pleased. With some solid coaching the kid could be great!

4th-Matt Jones, RB Florida

Here is a wear you down ground and pound RB to replace SJax. His ability to run the **** football were displayed greatly in the UGA/UF matchup this year as he helped UF rush for over 300+ in that one game. He is a good ball carrier much like SJax. If he can develop a little in his pass blocking ability, and also YAC/pass catching ability he alongside Freeman could be our latest edition of a deadly combo of RBs. Heck I already gotta name for them... "The Florida Backs"

5th-Jalston Fowler, FB Alabama

Screw you Dimarco. This man would be an instant starter, and even a instant Falcons fan favorite. Great run blocker and pass catcher outta the backfield for the Tide.

6th-Wes Saxton, TE South Alabama

If you hate Toilolo's pass catching ability then take a peak at this guy. He is a quick TE who has good hands. Him and Lolo could battle it out for the starting spot come TC.

7th-Robertson Daniel, S/CB BYU

depth guy


QB-Matt Ryan,Sean Renfree

RB-Devonta Freeman,Jacquizz Rodgers,Matt Jones

FB-Jalston Fowler

WR-Julio Jones,Kevin White,Harry Douglas,Devin Hester,Drew Davis,Eric Weems

TE-Levine Toilolo,Wes Saxton

LT-Jake Matthews,Ryan Schraeder

LG-Clint Boling,Justin Blalock

C-James Stone,Joe Hawley

RG-Jon Asamoah,Harland Gunn

RT-Brandon Schreff,Lamar Holmes

DE-Jason Pierre-Paul,Johnathan Massaqoui,John Abraham,Maliciah Goodman,Stansley Maponga,Markus Golden

DT-Paul Soliai,Tyson Jackson,Ra'Shede Hageman,Corey Peters

OLB-Sean Weatherspoon,Joplo Bartu,Prince Shembo

MLB-Patrick Willis,Paul Worrilow,Nate Stupar

CB-Desmond Trufant,Robert Alford,Robert McClain,Josh Wilson,Robertson Daniel,Ricardo Allen

FS-Dwight Lowery,Dez Southward

SS-Kemal Ishmael,William Moore

K/P-Matt Bryant,Matt Bosher

LS-Josh Harris

KR/PR-Devin Hester

Thoughts fellow Falcons Fans?

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I don't get it. Wide Receiver is going to be a super deep position in the draft for a long time. I know Kevin White looked nice today, but **** there is no need to trade top 100 picks and Roddy White for him.

And why are we signing a LG to start over Blalock. Blalock's play isn't really the problem it's his price-performance ratio.

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yes, the WR needy KC Chiefs with a good WR on the board, trade down for an aging, declining WR and a 2nd round pick. Because logic laugh.png

Think about it like this... They get a 2nd (practically a late 1st value) and a 3rd plus a decent WR for their 18th pick. I mean a early 2nd has a lot more value than you think.

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Think about it like this... They get a 2nd (practically a late 1st value) and a 3rd plus a decent WR for their 18th pick. I mean a early 2nd has a lot more value than you think.

They already have a slow, ball dropping Roddy White. He's called Dwayne Bowe. They need a second one? Just because this trade is convenient for you, it doesnt make any sense whatsoever for the Chiefs. You need quality not quantity when you are one game from the playoffs.

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Ok what about HD? What's his value oh wise one?

about the same. No one wants a 31+yo WR with a price tag of 3 mil plus that doesnt play ST, when you can get good cheap talent in the draft at that position. Only 2 things sell in the NFL. Young talent and special talent. Roddy and HD are neither at this point. And they are not cheap salary cap wise either. Not saying they are not valuable players for us, or that people would not pick them up as FA's on the cheap, but they are not worth draft picks.

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Overall I think the FA signings are solid besides Abraham, I'd give Mass a try before bringing Abe back. We need to let that go. Also we should not draft a WR in the 1st round. Roddy hiccups sometimes but I don't think that he is the problem. If we trade up for anyone it definitely should not be a WR, I'd rather take a pass rusher in the first and a Olineman in the second.

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