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Just Saw On Nfl Network That


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ATL has left so many good players on the board and picked "potentials" - guys that they think will develop in time. That's fine for rounds 5-7, but not the earlier picks.

They use that stupid, useless plate to judge athleticism instead of watching guys play.

If Pioli stays around, maybe he will have some input thst will help. But TD's track record to this point is less than encouraging.

And when it comes to FA signings, it is important to realize that there are 30 more teams out there to choose from besides JAX.

I want Les Snead back.

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Still can't get over all of this Dimitroff hate. Mike Smith might not even have a job in the NFL next season, but if Blank were to fire TD, he would be hired by another team like Chicago or New York in an instant.

Nobody wants Mike Smith...There has been zero interest in him unlike Harbaugh and Ryan

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