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With Thomas Dipshit-Troff Not Getting Fired I Predict That This Person Is Our Next Head Coach


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With Thomas Dipshit-Troff not getting fired I predict that this person is targeted to be next head coach

Rex Ryan

Rex was already picked by Tommy D last go around as a final 2 finalist in the HC search. I think if Blank thought we were gettig someone else besides Rex then Thomas Dipshit-Troff would have been let go would have been let go as well

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If every thread on here has to be about a new topic that doesn't talk about anything already posted then they would need to get rid of 90% of the threads

Oh, look, another clever Dimi name. /S

There are also like 50 Rex threads. Is your contribution just so great that it needed its own thread?

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I think they will go through the motions to appear like they are having an exhaustive search of all viable candidates for appearances sake but I think they are trying to hire Rex

who was already recommended by Dimitroff before----

I don't agree with keeping Dimitroff or hiring Rex

but that is what I think will most likely happen because he sadly kept Dimitroff

So the hiring firm has no say?

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