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I'm Officially A Rex Ryan Convert As Of Now

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Biermann is a UFA

Babs can save us 2.3 mil if cut...depends what the new HC wants

We're stuck with Jackson for a couple more years. Hopefully the new HC will use him right.

Bartu and Worrilow are cheap, but good DEPTH.

the point is - whether you keep or replace Bier/Babs (i agree we should replace) - the point is you still have to replace them and find passrushers and linebackers - they are not on the roster now. Who knows about Spoon?

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The team does seem to be primed for him.

3-4 personnel is already here

Already have a franchise QB(though he is starting to make very questionable decisions)

Trufant is here and he relies heavily on corners

They liked him in '08

He can handle "problem players"

He brings a completely new attitude

I'm not 100% sold on him but it wouldn't bum me out if he is hired

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Well considering that Baltimore has had stout defenses for a long time, through different head coaches and multiple defensive coordinators and hasn't really had a drop off in performance, yes... He does receive the credit.

They did have a bad year or two when they had foxworth.

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the point is - whether you keep or replace Bier/Babs (i agree we should replace) - the point is you still have to replace them and find passrushers and linebackers - they are not on the roster now. Who knows about Spoon?

Every team every year goes through this kind of cycle of replacing longer tenured players...

We'll have the cap room to do it, dawg.

I'm hoping we get a HC that goes primarily 3-4 so Jackson and Soliai are utilized properly. I still would not mind other looks as long we don't get cute with it and have Jackson rushing on passing downs and dropping Hage in coverage. And I don't think we will be doing a complete overhaul at LB b/c replacing three LBs i.e. starters (Spoon, Wor, Bartu) in one offseason is a big leap. Spoon will be signed in a prove it type deal. If healthy, he is starting quality. Out of the two, I would take Wor over Bartu as a starter. Although having Wor and Bartu as backups may be best depending on what we do in FA and the Draft.

In the offseason, we gotta look to add three or four players to the front seven that can get after the QB and cause disruption all over the field. Some kind of combination of OLBs, ILBs, DEs, DTs, etc...doesn't matter. We need more talent up front.

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Before today, whenever I thought of Rex as our new HC, I thought "ugh." But today, I have seen the light! I am now in the Rex camp.Rex is undeniably one of the best defensive minds in football (possibly THE best). With merely the D talent on our current roster, he'd have our D above 15th. And he knows how to pick good defensive players, so the future would be bright.Can you say that, with certainty, about *any* other HC candidate? There are some who might be good, whose signs look promising, but none are as proven (on the defensive side of the ball) as Rex.Then, consider that Rex is a players coach. He's aggressive.Now, give him an offense with an elite QB. Honestly, look how high his defenses ranked with the Jets, and their O was terrible. If the Jets had had our offense, their D would have ranked even higher.Rex has to prove in the interview that he can and will select an AWESOME OC, and work very well and effectively with that OC. And if he does, he should be our next head coach.Bring him home, AB![/quote

I'll take Rex

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The Madden kid inside of me just had a vision of Revis and Trufant lined up opposite each other with Ryan dialing up a blitz............I am not totally on board with Rex but I have to admit it is a fun thought to think about.

Trufant,Revis and Alford in the slot would b be a **** nice trio.


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I have always had a high disregard for all the Ryan coaches. The are loudmouth a$$hats. That being said, the more I think about Rexy, the more I like the idea of what he could do for our defense. Remember the game against the Jets last year? He had the Jets D double-mug Gonzo at the line, completely stopping him from breaking down field - all game long. We could have done with some beech-slap mugging of Olson on Sunday.

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for those who wand Rex as a DC only


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- Rex Ryan has no interest in being a defensive coordinator next season, after his likely firing by the Jets.

He said so Saturday during a production meeting with CBS broadcasters Andrew Catalon and Steve Beuerlein, who are calling the Jets' season finale at Miami. Catalon and Beuerlein mentioned Ryan's comments during the broadcast of Sunday's first half.

Here's what Catalon said during the broadcast: "Rex Ryan, fired up on the Jets sideline, told us last night that he's not worried about his future. He was very confident that things will work out. He said he will not be a defensive coordinator next year. It's a head coach or nothing. He's not coaching someone else's defense, he told us."

Sunday's game at Miami almost certainly will be Ryan's final game as the Jets' head coach. He wants his next gig to be as a head coach, though that might not happen next season. Ryan seems likely to take a well-paying television analyst job next season if he can't land a head coaching position.

The Falcons' job could be open, which would provide Ryan an opportunity to work with a proven quarterback, Matt Ryan. Rex Ryan has struggled to develop two young quarterbacks with the Jets -- first Mark Sanchez and now Geno Smith.

This hasn't helped Ryan shed his reputation for being nothing more than a defensive expert who can't supervise a team with a competent offense. While his defensive acumen could help him land a coordinator job in 2015, Ryan has no interest in going that route. He currently calls the Jets' defensive plays during games.

Ryan made it clear last week that he still believes he can win a Super Bowl as a head coach. When will he get another shot at proving himself right?

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