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Has Td Just Had Bad Luck Getting Right Players? What Alternatives Would You Have Chosen?


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Like many here, Ive been upset over the years with TDs choices in the 3-6th roundshe always seems to be reaching for obscure players who were listed in later rounds and who dont really pan out. Im worried that our safety pick in the third round in last years draft may end up mediocre (southward?), for instance.

But I wonder if many of our drafting/FA problems are just bad luck/injuries or not having good FA players for key positions like DE to choose from?

- Does TD tend to choose injury prone players? (Was Peria Jerry known to have injuries in college?)

- Have there just been too few DEs or linebackers in Free Agency or asking price is too high? Were there other choices the year we picked Edwards for instance. It seems like

- It seemed to me that our two FA players picked this year for the defensive line and then Hageman would have really helped our defense. Why didnt they work out better? Could this have been forseen or were there better players to choose from?

- Does it seem like we dont spend all our remaining cap money on FA? Could we get better talent if we spent more and is this Blanks fault?

- What alternative picks would you have chosen over the years and were they obviously better than TD's picks at the time?

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IMHO, TD and co drafted for position not for BPA. Jerry was the position we needed and played well in college. Thats why him over clay matthews. There was a run on LT when we drafted Baker so a trade...

Many here were calling for Solail for two years before he came here so Nolan could have the players to run his schemes.

It seems to me that we need to use FA to acquire the positions and draft BPA

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The worst failure was the whole front office being shocked in 2013 that our O line was one of the worst ever. They actually thought it was good to go.

This shows they were just lucky in the years before that, and that they don't really know how to tell whether they're on a good foundation or not.

To me, that alone means TD is the wrong guy. There's plenty of additional evidence too (the things most people complain about), but this alone actually exposes TD as unqualified.

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Guest Dirty Bird Nation ®

If I HAD to keep one I'd have fired TD and kept Smith.

I hope you would enjoy Kroy Biermann starting with Mass and Hage benched. Bad playcalling, bad design, bad timeouts.

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