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Smith Fired Per Twitter


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Every head coach usually has a big ruling in personnel decisions. Even the coordinators to an extent. The GM never just brings in random guys and tells the coaches to 'make it work'. It's a collective process.

Yeah, but speculation has been that TD has been behind moves like drafting Jerry over Matthews, etc. IF that's true, and IF Smitty wanted Matthews and was overruled, keeping TD will be a disaster.

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The only way I can see this being a plus is if Smitty had more input in personnel decisions than we all seem to think. IF Dimitroff is going out and getting the players Smitty, Nolan and Koetter wanted, and Smitty isn't doing anything with them, then I can see giving Dimitroff another shot. Remember how when Petrino came along, all of a sudden McKay was drafting players like Jamaal Anderson that he didn't have a history of going after? Remember how we got Ovie and drafted Robinson? I can see Dimitroff saying to Blank "look, all I'm doing is drafting the player profiles these guys say they want -- get a better coach and we can win with these guys." I'm not saying that's true, I'm just saying it makes more sense.

If Dimitroff, as KOG and some others have said, is actually overruling Smitty on personnel decisions, then keeping him is a bad omen. No good coach can make chicken salad out of chicken ****. They might, at best, be able to make some moldy chicken salad that won't kill you, but will make you pretty sick.

Thomscott Piolitroff brought in players to run a 3-4. Then, the coaches didn't run a 3-4. So maybe it was the coaches' fault.

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