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Roddy White Is A Steaming Pile Of Garbage


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Things Roddy White is better at then playing football:

1. Dropping a Football

2. Fumbling a Football

3. Talking Trash on Twitter

4. Making himself look like a dumbarse on twitter.

you will never get the chance to do the first 2 but your a pro on number 4 in terms of the forum. good job. you are what you hate. biggrin.png

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No falcon played well today. The whole team laid a turd on that field. It was clear their hearts and minds were not in the game for whatever reason. The team needs a complete makeover

1) proven leader at head coach

2) new blood at Off and Def coordinators

3) a GM that cares more about football than his hair style and also knows

how to pick oline and dline talent

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I love people who defend garbage play. This is why our team and this franchise will never amount to anything. laugh.png


Who gives a ****. This week you have the fumble which all but sealed the game. Last week he dropped multiple passes that could have ended up costing us the game AND had a fumble in which we were lucky enough to recover.

Dude is a bum. Stop looking at what he did 3 seasons ago and look what he is doing now. Dude is trash.

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