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Every Falcon Deficiency Was On Full Display Today


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Every Falcon Deficiency was on full display today

Can't pass protect

Can't run block

Can't stop the run

Can't tackle---anyone

Can't pressure the QB

Every doubt about whether there should be full regime change or not was erased today on national TV

But we got Julio who is better than any 4 player that could have been drafted.

A Team game go figure..

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OL is still poor. RT is a must, LG needs to improve at a minimum.

We need a pass Rush in the worst was. If we're going to be a 3-4 we need OLB's, if 4-3 we need DE's. At least 2!!!

We have to get a thumper at MLB. If we were a 3-4 I honestly would say we would need all 4 positions as non of our guys are starter quality.

We for the love of god must stop with Sunday Sunday lets go. I get get the jump in our line.

Smith and TD should be fired tonight!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and a running game

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