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Who Still Wants To Draft Gurley?

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I think we are definitely in need of a Todd Gurley on this team, and yes, I would take him in the first!

You could have Todd Gurley, Gale Sayers, Jim Brown or whom ever, they cannot run without blocking. Just as an added note we don't need another injury prone player like him!

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We have the cap space to sign a top pass rusher and a decent guard. Let's be honest though in Tice's one year here he has really coached this lineup so it could improve tremendously in his 2nd year just gotta wait and see. I think this upcoming draft should lean more on the offensive side. Need replacement RB, WR to groom, A TE that is serviceable at least, A guard to groom. The defense needs proven leaders so free agency would be best while drafting a pass rusher with the first pick. The secondary is really rounding out nicely and would be tremendous with a capable pass rush. However I think Melvin Gordon is who we should pick out of the two. I'd be happy with either though but a RB in the second I could live with. Telvin Coleman would not be a bad choice either later in the draft

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