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Matt Ryan


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Ryan played poorly but he was under diress all game

He has learned to move better in the pocket and extend plays or it would have been a lot worse

Matt says he studies Brees' game and technique and it has been a great help

You have to give him credit for not throwing everyone under the bus

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You guys can go back and forth with the insults but what I saw was a complete player and coaching meltdown and a good old fashion as kicking by the Panthers.

Ryan sucked

The O-Line sucked

Rowdy White Sucked

Freeman Sucked

Worrilow Sucked

Koetter Sucked

Nolan Sucked

Frankly, who with the Falcons didn't suck today?

Blank for starting the process to stop this pitiful game planning. People this staff just got outcoached by Mike


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Anybody watching the game can absolutely not blame Matt Ryan for this game.

He had absolutely no protection at all. As it showed prior to this game, when he gets protection, he can play.

Did you guys really not see the difference?

Prior to this game we had won four games last season and six games this season. So, your point is what? Prior to this game he was losing QB also?

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