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The 2014 Offseason In Review

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Time to take a look at the offseason from the day it ended in 2013.

The first mistake was Blank kept Smith and Dimitroff. For the previous years, even when we were winning, the team had the same problems. Get a lead and sit on it and try to run the clock out. It led to Ryan having a lot of comebacks (not necessarily a good thing) and bailing Smith out from being ultra conservative.

Dimitroff has the 2 year deal given to a player saying he was going to retire in a year backfire, and we end up eating more cap because of a dumb 2 year contract decision. We also had a good RB that ate some clock.

He holds onto Steven Jackson, even though it’s obvious he’s running in cement shoes. RB’s are a dime a dozen and we paid one that wasn’t as productive as the one we cut.

Dimitroff also decides to go balls to the wall at defensive tackle. He re-signs Babineaux, Peters, and Peria Jerry. Then he signs former first round bust Tyson Jackson to a deal that made everyone in the NFL scratch their heads at the amount we gave him. Then signs Soliai. Then drafts a DT in the second round.

The problem is the starting DE’s are still over the hill Osi and crummy Biermann.

He also goes on to sign Devin Hester. I know some of our fans love him because of what he’s done in the past, but the signing was a waste. You can count the number of good returns on one hand from Hester. He’s done nothing but prove Chicago was completely right in that he’s a terrible receiver, dropping a few easy touchdowns. Throw in his terrible decision making on punt returns to allow them to go and give us even worse field position. Oh and there’s two years left on that contract.

On the offensive line we sign Asamoah, the one good signing of the offseason. We spend a first round pick on Matthews, which was 100% the right choice. But you can also point at giving an average, injury prone LT a big deal was completely boneheaded and resulted in the necessity of drafting Matthews.

As for the rest of the draft, it was, as a TD draft typically is, pretty bad. Matthews and Hageman will be good. After that, we have nothing but hope that someone turns it around. Shembo has done nothing, Freeman is nothing so far, and it gets worse from there.

We unnecessarily give Roddy a 3 year extension. Not really sure why. He’s been great for the franchise but at this point in his career it didn’t warrant such an extension. Love him or not, he’s become very replaceable. He showed disinterest on Hard Knocks and that clearly bled into the season as he was completely out of it to start the year.

The wide receiver core needs to be gutted in the offseason. Julio is the only guy worth keeping at this point. Roddy, Hester, and Douglas provide nothing an average receiver does now. HD in particular seems terrified of scoring a 3rd touchdown and constantly falls over himself.

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