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Wow! We Have A Lot Of Play Makers On Offense!


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The bulk of our dollars have been spent on an offense that can't do squat. And, under Smitty we are a TOUGH team.

The OL is a pile of dung. Ryan is getting his face smashed. We can't run the ball and we can't protect the QB.

Naturally, we depend on our stellar defense to keep us in games.

Nice work, Tommy. Didn't hear me? Take your ear buds out and get off the bicycle. Artie wants to see you in his office.

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Ok, forget the coaching and GM issues. Those guys are dead to me. Let me just talk about player acquisitions.


Iupati: Why? because our OL stinks. Cut Blalock because he is nothing special and costs way too much. Matt gets most of his pressure from the interior rush. Blalock is consistently stepping on Matt. Pathetic.

McPhee: Pernell has talent and the Ravens may not be able to afford him. He can play 4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB. I am guessing that Rex will be our new coach, so we will be running the 3-4.


Weatherspoon: Hurt to often and we can't have that.

Blalock: See above.

S Jax: He is past his prime. Nice signing, huh?

Draft: We need defenders. It is just that simple.

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