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Coaches Decisions Cost Us The Most

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our coaches cost us the most by far.

horrible clock mananagement. playing VETS like KB and Sjax who didnt
deserve the plays.
Sitting young players JUST BECAUSE they are young. Mass.

There is simply no leadership anywhere in the organization from the owner,
to the front office to the coaches to the players.

This team is soft. The personnel is being dominated in every way. That's not coaching!

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1) An obsession with running up the middle on 1st down 90% of the time and always getting the same little or no gain result

2) Playing a defensive scheme that clearly is not working (except NO?) and making no adjustments to it all year

3) Never showing any willingness to take the occasional gamble on a short yardage or long field goal

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then the coaches should have sat the soft ones and let others have a chance. Thats COACHING

We have all seen the players on the active roster play and the results are still the same.

The falcons are not a very talented football team. It's pretty simple, Carolina is the better football team for top to bottom.

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