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Just Rewatched Atlanta Vs Panthers Week 11 Game

Clark Kent™

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- Very first play of the game Tyson Jackson is unblocked and destroys Cam. He is flagged for helmet to helmet contact, but i am perfectly fine with that penalty.

-Tru almost gets a pick for a pass intended for Benji

- Lowery in great coverage on Olsen and Ishmael collects a tipped ball interception. Olsen got the drop on Lowery off the LOS and i see why Cam threw it, but Lowery did an excellent job recovering on this play.

- Biermann loses contain as Stewart cuts a run outside for a big gain. Then later he does a great job on a read option keeper by Cam stopping him at LOS.

- Tru gets a PBU in the endzone against Benji on a fade. He got away with PI on this play in my opinion.

- Ishmael PBU on Olsen on a short out route. Panthers FG 3-0 Panties

- We drive the field with a hurry up offense and Ryan is sacked. Coverage sack. Bryant FG 3-3

- Babs does a great job reading a RB screen and makes a solid tackle on Stewart for a TFL

- Panthers CB Josh Norman has had a solid game up to this point. 2 PBU's on WR screens and a PBU on Julio on a slant route and a nice open field tackle on Hester on 3rd down for no gain.

- Hageman fights double team and gets a tackle @ LOS

- Southward sacks Cam. It was a coverage sack and Southward came flying in. He displays some sick closing speed.

- Bryant FG 6-3 Atlanta

- Tru jumps a poorly run slant route by Benji and picks it off.

- Norman jumps another WR screen infront of Pascoe

- Bryant FG 9-3

- Babs pressures Cam and forces him outside to run, Warrilow takes a good angle and gets a sack.

- Toilolo for a 15+ back shoulder grab up the right sideline. This play was so Tony Gonzalez. I wish him and Ryan could consistently connect on this.

- Roddy TD on a shallow cross 16-3

- 3rd and short Cam is throwing some idiotic passes that are like 10-15 yards down the field.

- Freeman good 15 yard run up the left side and nice stiff arm on Roman Harper.

- Harper gets penalized for personal foul on Roddy. The very next play Norman and HD get into it and Hester moronically dives head first into Norman while he is on the ground and starts a brawl. We get penalized 15 yards. 2nd and 21.

- On the next play Schraeder is penalized for false start so its 2nd and 26 and we are out of FG range.

- On the very next play Hester catches a WR screen and gains a big chunk, but then Thomas Davis comes flying up and FF Carolina recovers. This drive changed the game.

- 3rd and 3 for Panthers and again Cam throwing a ball 10 yards down field and its incomplete.

- Lowery continues great coverage trailing Olsen

- Solia has a nice swim move and hits Cam a little late and takes him down to the ground and is penalized. I'm still ok with these kind of penalties.

- Cam read option keeper right up the gut for a big gain.

- Kelvin catches a fade route TD on Tru. Tru had bad positioning on this play against a 6'5 WR. 16-10 Us

- Schraeder gets beat and Ryan sacked nearly a strip sack.

- Philly Brown blows past McClain on a go route for a TD. Ball is underthrown and McClain is able to recover, but he still got beat. 16-17 Panthers

- Bryant hits a 44yd FG 19-17 Falcons

- Gano misses FG

- Gano has FG blocked by Hageman

For whatever reason, the Panthers did not use the read option hardly at all from the 2nd and 3rd quarter. And Cam is always so inconsistent just throwing from the pocket.

WR screens were not working against Josh Norman. He was blowing them up all day. We need to do a play like we used against Philly in 2012 when Drew Davis went for a block and Matt pumped to Julio on the WR screen and all the DB's bit on it and Davis went out for a route and was wide open for a TD.

Our O line is playing much better now and our run defense is much better now than it was in this game, but the Panthers have been using the read option more lately and Stewart has been on fire lately. Leading the NFL in rushing over the last 4 weeks.

I think our offense will benefit from being in the dome. We are faster here than we are on grass.

I think our run game will actually be better off with Freeman. He had two runs that were the longest we had all day.

This game is going to come down to if we can stop their run game or not and i feel comfortable we can. I'm not worried about Stewart near as much as i am Cam. We really really need to be sound tacklers this Sunday because Stewart is running hard.

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Guest Negatorris

Honestly we were fortunate to win that game.

Offense couldn't cash in to put the Panties away. Need to score TDs instead of FGs. This is too much of a recurring theme. The Panthers just out Falconed the Falcons with dumber play calls and decisions than us, which is hard to do.

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I still think that penalty & subsequent fumble is what made the game closer, & almost a loss. We were in at least FG range, had we got the FG they would have had a tough time, a TD & they would have probably folded, that fumble gave them the jolt they needed, & we lost the momentum from that point. We need to play smart this week

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I'm waiting for the pump fake on the Julio screen. A little more talk about screens this week and with Norman hugging Julio way before he could catch I think this game, providing the line can hold up long enough, will be the time to try it.

Maybe even get Freeman sneaking out on a wheel.

Yeah like we did against NO with Lofton in man coverage.

It is almost TOO obvious that we need to use a fake screen with as aggressive as the Panthers were last time.

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I watched our last game with them as well as their game against Cleveland.


*In our 1st game with them Matt was twitchy as heck. The protection was ok but, it was obvious he was seeing ghosts. If he gets just a little bit better protection, a pinch more time and calms down our offense should hum.

*Cleveland Obviously had/has QB issues but, Hoyer easily could've won this game is he was a tad more accurate. The Panthers play the run well. The only running plays that went long were when the back switched direction or when misdirection was designed into the play. I'd love to see us fake the JJ screen a few times in the game with Freeman/Quiz taking it the other way.


*Them - Good all around and they largely play very disciplined football. If we try to ram the ball up the gut, it will be a long day and a lot of wasted downs. I believe the way to beat them is to air it out and use some of the no-name guys when covered by LBs who's last name doesn't start with a k. If we can spread them out we'll get some favorable mismatches.

*Us - I rewatched the NO game to see if we attacked as much as I thought. The good new is we attacked all game long, The same plan should be used here and for the rest of the season. The Panty's read option stuff is slow to develop so, if we attack we'll get in the backfield, clog lanes and frustrate them early (their backs are very good at changing direction to make something happen so we'll have to be disciplined when seeing the play is contained) when frustrated they'll go to Cam and more standard passing plays, when they do this we need to keep attacking. We might give up a TD but, Cam will likely give us the ball back a time or two.


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We outplayed them for the majority of that game, but field goals instead of touchdowns kept them in it and they got a spark with the whole fight followed by fumble thing. Once they got rolling a bit, momentum swung and we had to hang on in the end.

If we can get a fast start on offense and defense, I think we can pull away. If we play the field goal game, it'll be tight throughout.

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