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Tony Gonzalez Hasn't Been Brought Up...

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He sounded like he was getting ready to come back the night we destroyed the Buccs.

Is there any point you'd consider bringing the guy back on?

I think there's a lot of factors out there. Is he still in football shape? Would he hurt team chemistry?

I think he'd be reliable enough to still help, especially with Julio and Roddy fighting injuries to help the team. Maybe they could use the relief, but again, it would depend on if Gonzo is in shape enough now.

Would you bring him on if we somehow against all things holy, made it to the Super Bowl? Even just for the honor of him being in it?

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Normally I'd say no, it's just we're gonna go into the playoffs limping. I think Julio is doing all he can, Roddy as well, just to be on the field. But that could hurt them more obviously

I don't think Julio or Roddy are injured. Maybe Roddy, but I think they are just pulling one over on everyone to make them believe we aren't 100%. I'm willing to bet Julio is on fire the rest of the way feeling pretty good and Roddy is just being an old man complaining his car takes too long to start in the morning...Harry and Hester can give us the extra edge without Tony here anyway.

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