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Christmas Gift

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Can't hate the guy even though he backhanded us on his way out. He still put in quite a few years of good service for us. I seriously doubt he has any regrets or would a said a thing about the falcons negatively if Heda won a ring in '12.

The guy is emotional. Putting myself in his shoes I totally understand everything. Some dumb stuff in the heat of the very emotional moment of retiring from the NFL after 17 years of being the best TE ever. Again, he is an emotional person. I get it. He was in tears after finally winning a playoff game, and then learned what getting close to the Superbowl and losing felt like right after. Everything I have seen Matt say is enough for me. They're still great friends. Will always love me some Gonzo.

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My wife's brother got us an engraved piece of wood with a falcon s and buc engraved logo. Since its the in house rivalry. Goes well with my bar. Other than that we welcomed our baby girl to the world last week. Newest falcon fan

Congrats man!

OP, I would put it on the tree. Still have my Gonzo fathead up in my office/Falcon's room.

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