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Big Bubba

Criminal Pointed Gun At Cop And Threatened To Shoot.. Cop Fired And Killed The Criminal. Now "protests" Erupt In Support Of The Criminal.

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I'm getting so tired of most news sites and channels giving attention to this garbage.

Why the f*** are there protests in support of a freaking criminal stupid enough to point a gun at a cop?!

Why is thug life encouraged by the protesters and media? They show that sh1t 24/7....and they attempt to make everyone believe that all black people are like that.. but they aren't. These are hood rats....that truly feel that the law should not apply to them. They believe they should get special treatment. The way the media portrays it and tries to make people believe that all African Americans are like that.. it's poisoning the country.

It would be like the media following around some of the white trash that is out there.. and there are plenty of white trash individuals out there that feel entitled also ....that feel the law doesn't apply to them...... well it would be like the media following them around.......and implying that all white people are the same as the white trash. It would poison the country against white people.

Anyway, back to my rant. so because this a-hole that was stupid enough to point a gun at a cop, was killed 10 miles from where Michael Brown was killed....... 200 to 300 protesters showed up at the gas station , where it happened. They were setting off explosives.... throwing bricks at police. How can that be considered a protest? Seriously!! Why the f*** isn't that considered domestic terrorism?!?!?!?!

These domestic terrorists were trying their best to stop the everyday routine/life of other Americans, when they started to block up the roads and the interstate.... on Christmas Eve. Trying their best to make life unbearable for all those that had somewhere to be. Yet........the police are forced to sit back and really do nothing. If they try to really break up a group of domestic terrorists, then the media and political figures will crucify them.

It's sad. I first got the feeling of dread on Black Friday, when the domestic terrorists shut down malls, in an attempt to hinder the economy. Not many arrests were made. They were allowed to do so, while the media labeled them as innocent non-violent protesters.

H3ll, most of their violent outbreaks, and closing major highways down......... is just labeled as "Demonstations".

Will the police ever be allowed to break out violent protests without being labeled as racist?

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People do it just because everyone else is riled up by it. Very little thought process goes into one's actions now. By product of the breakdown of the family combine with the Department of Education churning out two generations of brain dead Americans.

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