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'twas The Night Before Christmas In Tatf...


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This is a poem I posted I think last year, but with a small update:

'Twas the night before Christams,

and all around the TATF forum

People were fighting and hating,

You know, pretty much the norm.

The ho-zombs slurped their kool-aide and sneered,

waiting for the trolls & haters to appear.

The Group 2 realists were filled with holiday dread,

worried another season of Smittyball could lie ahead.

When on the front page there arose such a cyber cheer,

I admit I was hoping Smitty had been run over by a reindeer.

But it was just another post questioning if Matt Ice is elite ~

Most said yes, but the same sad few hollered, "bull-sheet!"

Just as it seemed things would die down into quiet,

facelessman07 sparked yet another forum riot,

demanding Smitty and TD be terminated at once,

"cuz you can't win a Lombardi being led by chumps!"

And not one to be left out, I got on my keyboard to exclaim,

y'all are very disturbed peeps, but Merry Christmas all the same!

Here's hoping Carolina gets sent home bleeding and lame,

and Smittyball is finally banned, never to be seen again!

A very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you guys.


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Guest facelessman07

Hahaha I love I was in that!

Thanks Steve!

I guess I'm pretty good at speaking my mind lol

As Michael Scott once said....."I'm Braveheart.....I am."

Edited by facelessman07
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I used to take this forum and other Falcon fans a heck of a lot more seriously than I do now.

Real life has a way of re-prioritizing what is important and what isn't.

Gritz the Troll Basher is pretty much dead.

Gritz the regular Falcon fan who is just like everyone else on this board in that I just want to eventually see us NFL Champions lives on...

and wishes nothing but the best for EVERYONE who identifies themselves as a Falcon fan.

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