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Db#11 And His Thoughts On Beating The Aints


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Well I guess this is late, but better late than never right?

So what I noticed is that our primary pass rushing front 4 on the majority of 3rd downs is Peters,Matthews,Osi,and Biermann. Say what you want, but they did alright Sunday. But can they keep it up?

I do wanna give props to our rookie class this year. Freeman,Matthews,Southward,and Hageman have all balled out at one point or another in the season while they all together played excellent in the clutch in NO.

Mike Tice probably deserves a HC interview if we fire Smitty. The guy has proven that he is able to coach up some terrible talent. Examples include Carimi,Holmes,and Konz. Well done Tice

SJAX cripples our offense. Say what you want about him as a RB, but he ain't worth a **** compared to Quizz an Freeman. I'm not even kidding Quizz is a awesome short yardage guy while Freeman is the change of pace back. SJax can rot on the bench for all I care.

All 3 Matty Ice's deserve some props for their great year this year. Bosher pinned NO deep in their own 20 multiple times,Bryant hit clutch FGs with the flu, and Ryan claimed the crown of best QB in the NFC South.

Run defense has been awesome. Hopefully whatever we doing continues because we've slowed down Bell an Ingram which both of them are having awesome years, but we managed to shut em down!

All in all I was very pleased to say I was a Falcon fan last Sunday, and now we gotta go on to the next one vs Carolina. Kick they a$$ Falcons an lets get hot during the playoffs. #TrollUp

Go Falcons!!!!!

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Guest facelessman07

You are completely fine with referring to yourself in 3rd person

Pass rush looked better, but some of that credit goes to NO's banged up O-line

Tice has been a huge success. Plus, I just love his "Oh you don't like it? Tough ****, man up." attitude

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