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Sean Payton Tipped His Hat To Us

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Everything about yesterday's game seemed like it was flip flopped. We got good calls, we swept the Saints, defense stepped up the whole game, we won a big game and to top it it off Payton is tipping his hat to us. Weird world we live in.

No signs of Smittyball the whole game. The call going against Graham and the Stanks at the goal. I feel like I somehow have been transported into an alternate universe or something. ph34r.png

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That is not what jumping the shark means

Jumping the shark is an idiom created by Jon Hein that was used to describe the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality, signaled by a particular scene, episode, or aspect of a show in which the writers use some type of "gimmick" in an attempt to keep viewers' interest, and which is taken as a sign of desperation. The phrase is based on a scene from a fifth-season episode of the sitcom Happy Days when the character Fonzie jumps over a shark while on water-skis.[1][2][3]

The usage of "jump the shark" has subsequently broadened beyond television, indicating the moment when a brand, design, franchise or creative effort's evolution declines.

So based on that I suppose him tipping his hat could be jumping the shark as if it's the moment their franchise evolution declined. I'm just to 100% convinced Aints fans were ever evolved to begin with.

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