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As We Stand Now Draft Order

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Just giving you guys the inside scoop. No mocks here. Just the showing what could be / conversation..



2015 NFL Draft order: Buccaneers, Titans have a chance at No. 1

By Dan Kadar @MockingTheDraft on Dec 21 2014, 9:30p 7

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Following Oakland's win on Sunday, the first overall pick is down to just two teams, but the order is far from settled with only one week to go.

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Following Week 16, we are down to two teams in the running for the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. That would be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans, the only teams with two wins this season. Sure, they could both win next weekend and have the same number of wins as the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets and Oakland Raiders, but strength of schedule tiebreakers will keep them ahead in the draft order.

Strength of schedule is the first tiebreaker for teams with the same record. Although Minnesota and Atlanta currently have the same record and strength of schedule, the Vikings have a worse conference record and get the higher pick.

The team to watch for Week 17 is Washington. If the Jaguars, Jets and Raiders happen to win albeit unlikely Washington could rise up to the third pick with a loss. Dont discount Tampa Bay being able to beat New Orleans next week, either. In Week 5, the two teams went to overtime in New Orleans before the Saints won, 37-31.

The Saints are one of five NFC teams with a 6-9 record. The draft order is far from settled.

Current 2015 NFL Draft order:


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1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2-13 (.483 SOS)

2. Tennessee Titans: 2-13 (.496 SOS)

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-12 (.513 SOS)

4. New York Jets: 3-12 (.552 SOS)

5. Oakland Raiders: 3-12 (.576 SOS)

6. Washington: 4-11 (.492 SOS)

7. Chicago Bears: 5-10 (.522 SOS)

8. Atlanta Falcons: 6-9 (.479 SOS)

9. Minnesota Vikings: 6-9 (.481 SOS)

10. New Orleans Saints: 6-9 (.483 SOS)

11. New York Giants: 6-9 (.513 SOS)

12. St. Louis Rams: 6-9 (.531 SOS)

13. Cleveland Browns: 7-8 (.468 SOS)

14. San Francisco 49ers: 7-8 (.536 SOS)

15. Houston Texans: 8-7 (.446 SOS)

16. Miami Dolphins: 8-7 (.510 SOS)

17. Cleveland Browns (via Buffalo Bills): 8-7 (.523 SOS)

18. Kansas City Chiefs: 8-7 (.521 SOS)

19. Baltimore Ravens: 9-6 (.477 SOS)

20. Philadelphia Eagles: 9-6 (.490 SOS)

Teams projected to make the playoffs:

21. Carolina Panthers: 6-8-1 (.487 SOS)

22. San Diego Chargers: 9-6 (.513 SOS)

23. Pittsburgh Steelers: 10-5 (.443 SOS)

24. Indianapolis Colts: 10-5 (.481 SOS)

25. Cincinnati Bengals: 9-4-1 (.496 SOS)

26. Seattle Seahawks: 10-4 (.529 SOS)

27. Dallas Cowboys: 11-4 (.446 SOS)

28. Green Bay Packers: 11-4 (.481 SOS)

29. Detroit Lions: 11-4 (.469 SOS)

30. Arizona Cardinals: 11-3 (.527 SOS)

31. Denver Broncos: 11-3 (.525 SOS)

32. New England Patriots: 12-3 (.511 SOS)

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A loss could push us as far as 6th and win could push us to a super bowl.

we cannot get to #6 as Redskins are at six with 4 wins. Bears are currently at #7 with 5 wins. If we lost and they won (both doubtful) we would move ahead of Bears to #7 because their SOS is harder than ours (assuming it stayed static).

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Sunday shapes up as a "win/win" - either we make the playoffs or get a top 10 pick.

Truthfully, the only thing better than this scenario is having a bye. The situation we are in is much better than a team like the Eagles. It's better than battling for a wild card game where you have to go on the road in the playoffs for sure. That being said, being 6-9 doesn't feel all that great, lol.

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