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Sweeping The South?

Door Gunner

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That Raider team that swept their division but missed the playoffs was 8-8, iirc. Falcons need to do what the Saints couldn't - clinch at home

Yep, it mentions that they're the only Superbowl era team to do it, and not make the playoffs.

Personally though, I really like this line, which is the main reason that I posted the article.

"Taking care of business within one’s division is often a great precursor to success. In fact, teams that have been able to sweep their division have done much more than just make the playoffs. Since the league went to its current eight-division, four-team format in 2002, the numbers are staggering. Six of the 11 clubs that went undefeated in their division made it all the way to the Super Bowl. This list includes the 2009 Colts, 2008 Cardinals, 2008 Steelers (who won it all), 2007 Patriots, 2005 Seahawks, and 2004 Eagles."

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Since the South was formed in 2002 the best division record has been 5-1. Eight NFCS teams have gone 5-1 in the division, but no one has ever swept the division or won back to back division titles. One of those records will be set on Sunday December 28, 2014 by either the Carolina Panthers or the Atlanta Football Falcons. I will be there to witness it.

NFCS Teams With 5-1 Division Records

2003 - CAR

2005 - TB

2006 - CAR

2007 - TB

2010 - ATL

2011 - NO

2013 - CAR and NO

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