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That Was One Of The Top 5 Most Satisfying Victories Ever


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Fan since 90 and I havent felt this good about a win since we beat the Vikings in 98 and literally ran over the Rams in the playoffs back in 04. Im not saying it was an all time great WIN, but in terms of satisfaction and just outright joy this game is in rare company. Just completely destroyed the Saints in the trenches, on their field, and took their manhood away on the last play of the game as a bonus.

It will rarely ever get better than this.

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Came pretty close to holding Brees without a TD... AGAIN

Eliminated Saints in their own house...

Swept 'em for the first time since 2006...

Shut up every mediahead who was predicting the Saints to win the division merely because they were good once like five years ago...

Yeah, it was a dmn good day!

We should demolish Carolina if even a portion of TODAY'S Falcons show up next week... then we get Arizona at home again in first round!!? I'm giddy!

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