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Matt Ryan 2Nd Most Yards After 7 Seasons


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Bigger faster stronger defenders.

Holding calls are up tremendously. You can't fight receivers past 5 yards, where it was previously 10 yards. QB's can barely be touched compared to even 5 years ago. Defenseless receiver rules now.

Defenders might be bigger and stronger, they still aren't allowed to do the things they used to.

There's a reason 3 QB's threw 5,000 yards in a season, where it had only happened once or twice before that

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And yet there are still people who think we need a new quarterback! Go figure. Best QB the Falcons have ever had!

Yeah, I honestly think a lot of these "Ryan Haters" are just "Post Baiters" looking to start a inflammatory topic by bashing the face of the Franchise, for the sole purpose of getting replies.

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