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Julio Jones Active For Today's Game @ Saints

DD: Objective Elite

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Apparently he was a full participant yesterday and it's just a pain management issue at this point.

Thanks - gives me more reason for optimism.

You know, the game this year that made me realize that this year's Falcons are closer to the 4-12 2013 team than they were 2012 team was the loss at Minny, so I'm just happy that they're relevant in terms of a playoff spot here in week 16.

I still think NO is the best team in the Div, but I'm hoping the football Gods look upon the Falcons with favour - I mean, is it destiny that the Falcons sweep the NFCS this year, or is it destiny that they walk into NO, a place where there's been so much Falcons pain has been administered by Brees/Payton, and win? Is it destiny that the Saints' formidable home field advantage disappears (at least for this year)?

As you can tell, I'm looking for any kind of reason to believe.

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