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10 Thing You Will See Sunday That Might You Homicidal


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1. Kroy on the field on 3rd and longs

2. Jackson trying to run off tackle

3. DBs playing 7 yard off on 3 and short

4. Kroy covering Graham

5. Bubble screen against press coverage

6. Sanchez like interception by Ryan

7. QB getting smoked and no OL defense

8. Smith on telecast visibly afraid and nervous

9. Limited No huddle offense

10. Smith spelling out his 2nd half game plan to sideline reporter.

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I honestly don't know WHAT I'll see.....both teams have been so up-and-down this season, it could be one-sided EITHER WAY, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least!
Or, it could be the typical close game, and depending on how the momentum swings, it could come down to whoever scores last..
We beat the Aints the first time, so we have the blueprint right there in front of us ---- whether we can duplicate it or not, remains to be seen ---

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