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Anyone Else Have A Bad Eperience Attending A Game At N.o.?


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For my brother's sake, drove to N.O. to watch his Cowboys play MNF game in late 80's.

Being a diehard Falcon Fan, I wore my hat and jersey, even though we were not playing them that day - Truly going in Harm's Way.

Brother wore his Cowboy hat.

Went to a bar before the game to get drinks. Brother asked if his hat disturbed the bartender. She said no to that question.

When he asked her if she had any issue with my hat and jersey, she replied, "I'm going to fumigate this place when he leaves." We both laughed, but she didn't.

Arrived at Superdome early to take in the ambiance, whereupon immediately a chunk of ice hit my brother below his eye from the upper decks. Told him not to take this personally, since it was probably meant for me.

Ascending the steps to get our seats, three Saints fans stopped us, and informed me that my presence (Hat/Jersey) were hated here. They informed me this would normally be an affront to them, if our team wasn't such a joke this year.

During game, tried to buy beers in the stands from the vendor. He ignored/refused to serve us at least four times in a row during the game. Finally, some reasonable N.O. fans behind us bought us two beers, and informed the vendor this was not the way to treat visiting fans (The only pleasant fans we met).

I know that we fans "dislike" anything N.O., but these chumps take it to the limit.

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