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Who Goes?


What do you THINK happens after this season?  

58 members have voted

  1. 1. What Happens...

    • BOTH Smith & Dimitroff STAY for 2015
    • Mike Smith is FIRED - Dimitroff STAYS
    • Dimitroff is FIRED - Smith STAYS
    • BOTH Smith & Dimitroff are FIRED
    • Mike Smith STEPS DOWN
    • Thomas Dimitroff STEPS DOWN
    • "I'm a Troll and have NO intelligent thought on the matter"

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It seems to me that most people want/expect SOME sort of change this off-season. I see scattered Smitty supporters and some people that think the past 2 seasons have been TD's fault.

Unofficial Poll: What do you THINK happens after this season?

Vote what you honestly think that Arthur Blank will do, NOT what you HOPE he does.

I want to get this poll in before the end of the season...no matter when that comes. I am a fan if this team. I will support them no matter what AB decides to do.

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I want both gone but like everybody else is saying TD will probably stay. No matter who the coach is tho if he and TD are not on the same page it won't work if TD doesn't draft the right players. That's why I want to start over fresh with a new GM and coach. But a GM that can also hit on the mid-late picks as well. TD can't.

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Dumb to put two different categories, one fire and one step down. Should just be who leaves, TD, Smith, or Both.

I think Smith goes. He's the odd man out, and I think he has a large hand in why the defense sucked so bad in the majority of the season. For a defense minded coach, he's never really had a good one...

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