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Mo Shoots Back At K. Lewis


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Getting chippy LOL .....


FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- First, it was New Orleans Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis talking about sending the Falcons to their funeral. Then it was injured Atlanta Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon telling the "sorry" Saints to keep the Falcons' name out of their mouths.

It all made for a good conversation leading into Sunday's critical showdown between the NFC South rivals. And Falcons safety William Moore added a little more spice to the trash talk a few days before kickoff.

In speaking about the words initiated by Lewis, Moore shook his head and laughed.

"On Sunday, that's when we really see what people are made of," Moore said. "Through the week, it really doesn't even matter. I really think when people talk during the week, they're really just trying to hype themselves up and give themselves energy. Speak with the pads. Don't talk about it; speak with the pads.

"The last I checked, [Lewis] was a defensive guy. I mean, I won't see him. But if he's calling out my guys like Julio [Jones] and Roddy [White], I put my money on those guys. I put my money on our offense.''

Moore actually commended the Saints, outside of Lewis.

"I think it shows the professionalism in their team that Drew Brees hasn't said anything; Jimmy Graham hasn't said anything," Moore said. "I guess Keenan is talking to the offense. But, like I said, I put my money on the offense."

In regard to Weatherspoon's comments, Moore had no issues with his injured teammate speaking his mind.

"Spoon's not dressing up, but Spoon has the right to say what he wants," Moore said. "Obviously, he feels some kind of way. I know he'd rather be out here with us. When it comes to that, we just have to step it up. Spoon is a part of this team. When he says something like that, we've got to go back it up because he is representing this team."

As Moore concluded, fellow safety Kemal Ishmael chimed in from his locker.

"That's real," Ishmael said.

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I just love the way our two training room heroes run their mouths. I can't remember the last time I even saw Spoon in a game, and on every snap I expect Moore to go back to the training room.

No one on this sorry azz defense should have the gall to talk any smack except Trufant. The rest of em shouldn't even be playing in the NFL.

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I blame people's hatred of trash talk to the weird obession this forum has with lunch pails, blue collar, and being old school (even though being oldschool doesn't consist of any of that lmao). Basically people on here want no emotion. Mike Smith disease I call it.

Agreed. This team needs a change in culture, starting from the top on down.
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