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Jags Locker Room After The Win Tonight


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3-12 football team though. We need an X's and O's guy I don't care if he is quite as long as he can out scheme another team.

If you look at their roster, almost half the team is first and second year guys, they are getting better, I think they are an O-line and a corner away from being at least 8-8.

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This is why I don't support tanking. The Jags are the second crappiest team in the league and forget the playoffs. They still want to win every week. Top 10 picks are nice but they get old after a while... You can have all the talent in the world but it means nothing if your players have the mentality that they should just give up halfway during the season just because the road looks bleak ahead. That promotes a losing mentality where the team crumbles at the first sign of adversity. To win you have to believe you can win and fight for it. It makes the difference between a winning team and a losing team.

Before some troll takes what I said out of context...no, I'm not saying the Jags are a winning team. I do admire the pride and desire to win shown in that video though. I hope this team plays with a chip on its shoulder Sunday and can match the Saints' intensity in the Super Dome. They should be fired up, considering it's essentially a playoff game.

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Guest Dirty Bird Nation ®

I know this will probably get moved, but thats some crazy energy right there


Hope we get a HC who gets fired up like this next season.

I'll give Bradley props though, never seen a locker room like that. Looks like the antithesis to the Falcon's. I hope Bradley can turn things around over there, because that locker room looked helluva ebullient.

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McCray, late round CB, has been great .

Also now that he is healthy from the ACL, Colvin is balling and showing why some draft gurus (me included) believed he was the best CB in draft last Spring.

They could use another good young CB, or Gratz to play better consistently, but those two are very good.

What they need is a good FS that stays healthy.

And a young Leo rusher and a stout DE to play the 2-gap role.

A good SLB and that D would be scary in a year or two.

OL needs a C, a RT, and another G to groom.

The WR group is maturing and promising.

Need a TE

Need a RB

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