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I know right, it's not like they had a serial rapist on their team recently...oh wait.

It isn't like that.

Prosecutors have charged Sharper with raping women starting in New Orleans in late September 2013, Los Angeles in October of that year, less than a month later in Tempe, Arizona, then in mid-January back in Los Angeles. The next night two women claimed they were raped in Las Vegas. Women went to the police in each city but it wasn't until the second alleged attack in Los Angeles that Sharper was finally arrested.

It's a stunning fall for the five-time Pro Bowl NFL star who first played for the Green Bay Packers in 1997, then the Minnesota Vikings and finally the New Orleans Saints. Sharper played on the Saints' 2010 Super Bowl championship team and was beloved by the city.

Sharper's string of alleged crimes began when he was an analyst for the NFL Network.

Sorry, DD, you lose. Meanwhile, Vick and Babs were both active members of the Falcons when they killed several dogs, not to mention that Ojinnaka dude who threw his GF down the stairs and spit on her.

Bring em' home, TD.

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