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B. Graham Talking New Contract W/eagles

brown bomber

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The Eagles are stacked at edge rusher.

Trent Cole will be gone after the season but they will still have Barwin (14.5 sacks), Curry (9 sacks), their 2014 1st round pick Marcus Smith, and Graham (5.5 sacks) if he re-signs for next year.

Graham's agent should tell him to wait and try to hit the market.

Vinny Curry and his 9 sacks has also been impressive.

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As Geoff Mosher reported, the Eagles reached out to Graham’s camp to express their interest in re-signing the 26-year-old. While no formal offer was made, we’re told that the opening salvo by the Eagles was to the tune of four years, $24 million. That’s an average of $6 million per season. Graham’s camp is looking for something in the $7-8 million per year range.

While that might not seem like a huge gap to bridge, there are other factors – and more specifically, other Eagles players – to consider. Connor Barwin is playing at a Pro Bowl level and currently ranks fourth in sacks with 14.5. He signed a six-year, $36 million contract with the Eagles in 2013. Ever since the 2011 free-agency blunder, the front office has been very cognizant of how dollar allocation plays in the locker room. How can they justify Graham – to this point a part-time player – making more per year than Barwin?

Meanwhile, there seems to be a decent chance that Graham will able to fetch his desired payday on the open market. Pass rushers are typically in high demand and paid well. The fact that Graham has spent most of his time in Philadelphia in a reserve role will prevent him from striking a mega-deal but he’ll draw interest, particularly from teams that run 4-3 defenses that are in search of an edge rusher.

That’s another part of it: while Graham has adapted well to his new position, he’s a natural 4-3 end. Is it in his best interest to move to a system where he can just pin his ears back and rush the quarterback?

Then there’s the issue of playing time. Graham’s goal is to be a starter. Does he feel confident that the Eagles would put him in that role if he re-signed, even though he has received limited snaps during the majority of his time here? Or does his best chance of landing a starting gig lie elsewhere?

Read more at http://www.phillymag.com/birds247/2014/12/17/graham-contract-talks/#0gwHqKGqwkQgK1Z4.99

Everson Griffin came off a similar season as Graham last year and Griffin is getting 8.5 mil a year ... Graham will get atleast 7 - 7.5... Dude is only 26 with limited wear on his body

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We are in a catch 22 regardless the cupboard is empty if we are going to pay overs I say go way over on the best prospect available and then go to the draft for his partner.regardless of who we do finally get if we choose to go the FA route we are paying overs regardless.

I don't want Hali he is up there in age and that's not what I would do top up there retirement fund.

I'm not sure what the actual fix is draft or FA but god lord something positive has to happen for us on the pass rush front.

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Graham looking for $7-8M a year? I thought Jerry Hughes would be around the $8.5M average but if Graham is really looking for as much as reported, I'd assume Hughes is looking to get into double figures.

thats how much everson griffen got ... 8.5 mil after having a Graham type season

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