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Could You Watch Hard Knocks Again After This Season?

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It's almost embarrassing to think back about the things it stressed.

- Mike Smith's stuttering, boring, uninspiring speeches such as "We Are Tough!"

- Oklahoma drills that were clearly done for the cameras

- Boldewign being made out like he was gonna be a big addition

- Roddy looking disinterested in a team meeting, which seemed to bleed over into the first half of the season

- Hageman being made out as lazy, maybe he is, but he sure looks good when he's on the field

- Showing Shembo looking over plays with Weatherspoon, which seemed to not do anything for him

- Bryan Cox all around, the guy seems to have been clearly signed for Hard Knocks, because his d-line is awful, maybe it's because he's a former pass rushing linebacker teaching what's supposed to be a d-line that takes up blockers. But at least his opinions on movies was entertaining, right?

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I'd rather watch Hard Knocks ten times than listen to your negative defeatist opinions on this board. What the hail happened to you son?

Hawt Damm,,, that the pot calling the kettle black right there laugh.png

But yeah the Past 4 years of TD and Smitty have pushed everybodys limits beyond

the extreme.

Proof of this is :

FalconFanSince1970, on 17 Dec 2014 - 09:15 AM, said:snapback.png

Hail no Jeffrey Dharma. I'm too afraid my bones would end up in your refrigerator.

Thats the funniest chit I seen on here in years,,


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I wasn't enthused about the Falcons appearing on "Hard Knocks" to begin with, and I really don't think many serious Falcons fans were. I saw little benefit to accommodating the show. I suspect "Hard Knocks", like most "reality" shows, is more scripted than they admit, and I wondered how it could be anything other than a distraction. To have the Falcons host "Hard Knocks" was obviously a boardroom decision; I suspect Arthur Blank now wishes he didn't agree to the show.

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It all depends on where the season goes from here on out. Although I don't expect it and it's not likely, we can still technically win the Superbowl, and if that happened Hard Knocks would be beautiful to return to.

However, if I watched it now, i would be discouraged and reminded about what could have been.

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