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Nolan Butt Hurt And Benches Potential Pass Rush

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he has the worst defense in the NFL because he has no competent players who can line up and play football..

The guy didnt wake up and forget how to coach man, and to blame a coach BEFORE players is plain crazy...

His resume speakes for itself. Smh

You can't wake up and forget something you never knew to begin with. Nolan is a clown and ant wait to see his overrated azzes canned.

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At what point does a coach say, get me a ****img pass rusher Thomas. I mean come the **** on. It's really simple. Thomas to coach, " ok coach, what is our number one need this offseason?" Coach, " um well um we need um line backers, um, I guess we could use bigger DTs and I can just coach up our current DEs". Man up and stop your your incessant stuttering. You are either a pus or you just plain can't evaluate your team. Well, I think both

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