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Vote Hawks Starters To The All-Star Game


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Vote Hawks Starters To The All-Star Game

NBA All-Star ballots open Thursday, and once again fans have the opportunity to vote for the starters for each conference.

We are asking you to vote for all five of our starters to get to New York!

Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, DeMarre Carroll, Paul Millsap and Al Horford have been huge in leading Atlanta to a 15-6 start at second place in the Eastern Conference. The starting five has played unselfish, team basketball in Coach Bud's system, and the results speak for themselves.

Fans can vote from now through Jan. 19 in one of six ways:

Online Ballot

Fans can vote on NBA.com by clicking here. Limit one ballot per day per computer with up to 5 Hawks players and 5 Western Conference players. Fans can also access the ballot and vote from their mobile device.

Text Message

Fans can vote by texting a player's last name to 69622 (MYNBA). Limit one vote per player every 24 hours, and only 10 votes per phone per day. Message and data rates may apply.

NBA Game Time and NBA Game Time from Sprint apps

Limit one ballot per phone per day on those apps.


Fans can post status updates from their personal account that includes the hashtag #NBABallot and the first & last name of the player (Example: "Al Horford #NBABallot"). Limit one vote per player per day and limit 10 votes per account per day. Note: Comments on status updates do not count as votes.


Fans can tweet a player's first and last name or Twitter handle, along with #NBABallot to cast a vote (Example: "@Al_Horford #NBABallot" OR "Al Horford #NBABallot"). Retweets, replies and mentions also count as votes. Limit one vote per player per day, and limit 10 total votes per account per day.


Fans can post photos to their personal accounts with the player's first and last name and #NBABallot in the caption to cast a vote (Example: Al Horford #NBABallot). Comments on photos will not count as votes.

Voting for more than one player at a time through text or social media will not count. So remember, vote for the Hawks starting five, but be sure to do it in separate texts, posts, etc.

We have to vote for our boys even you too WOR, lol!!
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Voted in Korver Jet Teague and Sap

Sadly I can't keep voting it's too tedious, and honestly I hate it lord knows we should have at least 3 people representing us on All-star weekend, but more than likely it will be 1, and that 1 will mostly be Paul Milsap(deserved though).

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