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Expect Falcons’ Roster Overhaul Regardless Of Finish


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that all sounds good to ppl who have no clue....

the first step in Improving this team is to Show Mike Smith and M Nolan the Door....

you ask yourself

if Bruce Arians were coaching this team

would we be 5-9 ??????

he77 no

we would be playing for a #1 seed these last 2 games....

yes their will be some player change

but the biggest need is to Fire this Clown Shoes Staff IMO

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This team is going to struggle again next season, but it is always better to be young and struggling than it is to be old and struggling. The most frustrating thing about the d*cked up nature of this team is that it got this way in what should have been the most prime part of Ryan's career.

thank goodness I have the Hawks to watch

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HD is GONE! 30+ year old WR making 3mil+ as the 3rd receiver????? Chile please. We could draft a receiver in the 3rd or 4th and pay them 700k-1 mil and that extra money could be the difference between beating another team out to get a FA pass rusher or linebacker.

I don't care how old he is. When Roddy or Julio are hurt (which is way too often), and HD becomes the #2 option, he seems to ball out for a 100 yard game, every time.

And by every time, I mean the last 2 times.

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I really think that we need to bring in some younger talent at WR, considering that all of our top 4 will be 30+ next season, but, with how well that he's played, I could be alright with waiting one more year, if Douglas was extended to lower his cap hit. I also think that we should keep Weems around for a little longer.

First we have to let go of this "WR's need to have ST ability" thought process. We could have upgraded it this season if we valued actual ability to play WR over ST. We had Roby and Drew Davis round out the back end of the roster, instead of taking a chance with Reedy or even signing a guy like Miles Austin.

Hard to build a roster as a GM when your HC devalues the actual ability of a player to play his position. We could have Ozzie and this team would still be a clusterf*ck. The HC is the one who has the final say because he has to make the roster produce, not the GM.

It took Dan Schneider convincing Pete Carroll to draft Russell Wilson. If Carroll said no, Wilson would have been somewhere else.

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If there is a change at GM, the only safe folks I see is Jake, Ryan, Julio, Tru, Asamoah and maybe a couple of others. A new regine will have no loyalties.

This organization has needed a new set of eyes and new perspective on drafting and FA for years. A new GM and HC will look at this roster from a completely unbiased viewpoint, and a whole bunch of sacred cows are going to be heading to the slaughter pen soon afterwards.

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hd better restructure to lower that 4mil cap number or he will be cut, no doubt about it

I am sure Harry wants to stay in Atlanta because he has lived there all his life, but he won't be feeling too much pressure to take a pay cut next year.

He's put up big numbers when called upon and played really very well, he won't have a problem finding a job.

I do think he will be restructured though, in the form of an extension though, not a pay cut.

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