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What Gives Me Hope


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Define Hope. Hope for what?

The Super Bowl! All we have to do is win a few games and it is ours!

However, there is no vibe around here for anything other than playing

a decent game and losing. That is the mindset Matt Ryan seems to have

"ho hum tomorrow is another day. Just clean a few things up and we are


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Guest Dirty Bird Nation ®

I'm typically not one for moral victories but here we go...

In our last 7 games we are 3-4. In those 4 losses our margin of defeat is 16 points. All have been 1 score or less despite all 4 teams being playoff contenders and all are .500 or better. 2 losses were last second FGs that without Mike Smith going full ****** we win. The teams records that beat us in those 4 games have a combined record of 37-20.

This team is 5-9. They deserve that record. But we are not a terrible team. We can hang with anyone and we can beat anyone.

Take care of business against our 2 rivals and this team is as dangerous as anyone come playoff time providing a few things...

  1. Mike Smith learns how to use timeouts
  2. Matt Ryan does not spot teams 7 points a game with a terrible INT

Totally agree. Benching Kroy will take us above and beyond.

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