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We Have An Elite Qb, Elite Wr, And A Pretty Good #1 Cb

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Not really. Matty Ice is universally considered a great QB. Top 5, top 7 at worst. The vocal minority are just neckbeard, armchair GMs who generally have no idea what they are talking about on anything lol.

Only by Fans who value individual stats such Fantasy Pts, 4th Quarter Comebacks, Regular Season Wins, and Completion %.

Let's talk about SuperBowls, Playoffs, $100 Million "Peer-to-Peer" QBs Performance, & Developing WR Talent. He's a good company man, but terrible NFL Leadership (unless he has "bought in" to the Fire Mike Smith Thread)

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We have Db's that play ten yards off the ball and hardly ever adjust when the balls is in the air. Is this scheme or lack of ability?

A Qb that looks good one week and like Joey Harrington the next.

A RB that not one team in the NFL would list as their starter.

A 6' 8" TE That is totally useless.

A playbook that is unimaginative to say the least.

..And a coaching staff who gets out coached every week.

Other than that, we have a chance..

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All things being equal (which is the key part of this), MR2 is probably top 10-12 Give him Manning's line, WRs, and playbook I see him as being more productive and less inclined to feel he has to carry the entire team each and every game. JJ is a very good WR with moments of greatness. He's just too inconsistent to say he's elite. Trufant is very good, especially at covering with no pass rush support. How many games do we hear that the opposing Qb has "all day", "plenty of time", or even "no pressure". That affects the DBs.

I don't think the teams buys into MS any longer. IMO, their occasional quality games are the result of personal efforts and long term career goals more so than coach loyalty. I think any potential coach can see we need major infusions of talent at DE/OLB and ILB to stabilize the defense. It's too obvious with us giving up 3rd and forever 75% or more of the time. The OL needs new RT,upgrade at LG, in order to solidy pass pro and the run game. The TE was always a possession receiver for us. With better schemes and real playcalling we could use RW in that role. I think we're closer than some think, but it's all dependent on who is coaching and the off season being productive

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