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Julio Is Tearing It Up


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julio only needs 4 catches and 26 yards to surpass what megatron did in his first 4 seasons and thats playing less games. AJ green has 578 more yards to date but also has played in 10 more games and his best season is only 1426 yards. Juilo has a game average threw his career so far of 5.6 catches and 88.6 yards and if he has a decent day today has a real shot at 110 catches or so and around 1700 yards if he does anything like he has the last two weeks over the nest 3 he may have a shot at topping megatrons huge season and he also plays the saints and panthers horrible secondaries to close the season out.

LJ has more yards and catches but played in 60 total games threw four seasons likely at least 10 more games his per game average was 5.5 catches and 75.7 yards.

for those saying Julio won't get a monster deal is crazy he'll get it here or somewhere else injury prone or not. If they don't want jones injured then don't send him over the middle to get hit the way he did matt basically lead him right into the defender and very poor placement of the ball should have been lower so he didn't take that kind of hit. Remember how white always seem to drive or slide and catch low balls a lot thats because they protected him anf for the most part white stayed healthy.

It would actually be smart to lock juilo up now before green gets his deal because whichever one signs last is going to get a even bigger deal and set the market for top WRs will they get Megatron money hopefully not but something around 15 mil yearly seems

Julio over his last 16 games has 116 catches and 1750 yards 8 TDs if hes not the best in the game right now hes certainly in the discussion.

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