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Sean Payton Contract


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A coworker of mine,who is a 49ers fan ( yes I would like to punch him in the face every time I see him ),comes up to me tonight and says "I hear rumors that SP won't be with the Saints this off-season because he is in a contract year!"

My response was "He just signed a 5 year extension a year and a half ago dumazz!"

Where do people come up with this shyt?

Do they not know what Google is?


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I Know 1 Thing

If I were a Billionaire

and Owned a Football Team

I would pay 20 mil a yr for a Good Coach

Thats what an Elite QB cost per yr

For a Coach Like Bruce Arians

Hes worth it

If The Falcons Had a Coach Like That

No1 in South would Stand a Chance against them...

this Arians Cat

He Dont Need no 100 mil dollar QB to win...

He Dont need no Race Horse RB to win....

everyone said they are gonna slide, this and that


Since they Lost to Us, They Have Beat KC , who was desperate for a win, and now the Giant Slayer Rams in their House....

yes they have a Great D

But they have an even Better Coach.....

Dont worry

we will never find a Coach Like him....

we are still the Falcons lol

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Arians: Rams had been reading their press clippings

Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians watched his team all but wrap up a playoff spot with a gutsy 12-6 victory in St. Louis on Thursday night. And then he kept taking shots at the Rams.

"I love it when nobody says you have a chance to win. There is an 11-3 team and a team that is always 8-8," Arians said. "You figure it out."

This was the 2014 Cardinals season in a nutshell. They lost their starting quarterback Drew Stanton to a knee injury in the second half and found a way to win. Stanton will get an MRI on his injured knee Friday according to NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, and the Cardinals may be prepared to move forward with Ryan Lindley or Logan Thomas at quarterback.

The Cardinals were without Tyrann Mathieu and countless other injured defenders, but they forced five straight three-and-outs to start the second half. The Rams offense had no answer for Arizona's blitzes.

"Everybody wanted to talk all that stuff about how great their defense is. I think they saw a good defense tonight, it was in red and white," Arians said before talking about his 143 rushing yards. "We blocked them. I think they had been reading their press clippings way too much."

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I wouldn't count on Arians going to Atlanta.

If I were Atlanta, I would try to find an Arians or Payton type of OC as my head coach.

I definitely wouldn't want a defensive minded coach at this point.


hes not going anywhere

only proven O minded guys available

are J Harbaugh and maybe J Gruden

i would take either

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