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Magic Johnson Made A Great Point In A Interview With Espn...


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Okay, let's say you hypothetically convinced me.

What now?

As you said,neither of us are going to be upset if we continue to win, and we know the team is not going to tank and risk their multimillion dollar jobs so the team can draft someone else.

How about we just be normal fans who root on their team, but only when things go bad take comfort in a higher draft pick. Why is it such a weird concept to let alone what's out of our control and just be fans?

I seriously have no clue why you all continue to post these threads. Its not enough youve given up hope, but to insist othrs should too? Just let us enjoy the **** season without you feeling the need to make us fixate on how that might affect the off season. There will be plenty of time to worry about it then.

Until then, why is there any reason to even think about this? Just be a fan and enjoy these short 20 weeks of football.

Just wanted to spark a discussion about which route would be best for this team going forward... That's all.

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