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Can't Help But Be Proud


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Yeah I know we lost. But the second half showed me some things.

1: This offense is DYNAMIC. Yeah I knew we were capable, before, but this offense actually seems to have a stable OL, and Ryan is a good *** QB. Roddy is still clutch, despite his stats last night..his missing stats are a result of number 2.

2: JULIO JONES WAS WORTH THOSE DRAFT PICKS. He is coming off of an injury and he has really came along recently. This guy needs to get paid this off season - BY US.

3: Defense. If we had a pass rush, this team would get the media attention the Packers got last night. These Corners are covering WRs for 5 seconds at a time. TRUFANT even stopped Jordy from snagging a few I believe. Even after 5 second coverage.

4: believe. This team believes. If we play like this the rest of the season..this team may make history.


Do I say we need changes? **** yes. I think Jackson should strictly be a short yardage back (if we keep him) we need to DRAFT a running back who is explosive. Have a 1-2 with Freeman and the draft pick. Smith can be a guy who can take a larger role or 2nd role of we don't draft a guy.

Head coach: still needs to be changed. I want Rex Ryan. He was in Baltimore from 99?-2008. Each year that team had around a top 10 defense. And most, a top 5 in 1 or more categories. When he went to the Jets, he transformed them into the #1 Defense his first season. And even though they've been terrible, their D has ALWAYS been top 10.

Offense doesn't need many changes. Give Ryan the green light and let him run that no huddle. Change this Defense and we will have the best Falcons team we've ever seen.


There are a number of guys in Free Agency that can rush the passer..

JPP, Sheard, Worilds, Hughes, Graham, Houston, and many more. And we will have like, top 10 spending money, and a way better situation than the teams at the top of the list. Bring in REX and we could get Revis opposite of Trufant and I'm sure we can lure some PASS RUSHERS. Not RUSHER, but RUSHERS.

And if we don't SIGN one, the draft is loaded.

Ray, Gregory, Beasley, Oakman..plenty of 2nd round guys who can rush the passer too. And I know I missed some.

But all in all guys - this team fought last night. And that could pay dividends to THIS season and it isn't over fellas. But ALSO, looking at the future - it's bright.


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