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Packers Will Win This Game But We Are Still On Top Of The Division


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The Packers or the Seahawks will represent the NFC in the super bowl so don't feel bad about this loss, I predicted it, but the Falcons better repent and regroup for next week because the Steelers are on the rise. Matt Ryan threw the pick that ended the chance for the Falcons tonight. I surely hope he gets his groove back against the Steelers

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Guest facelessman07

Faceless, you don't have enough brain matter to hold two soda crackers together, you should make like a breached birth and butt out!

But your mom just bought me these crackers

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Yes, the Falcons will stand on top of the biggest pile of dung in NFL history. Proud moment.

This team stinks. I would use a better qualifier, but censorship is alive and well.

If Arthur Blank is reading any of these threads, I have one thing to say to him:

Mr Blank, the fans are past angry. They have arrived at APATHY....and that is the last place any owner wants his fan base to inhabit. Good luck with the PSL's.

Apathy, USA.

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