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Wtf Is Going On In Who Dat Land?


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I followed that 1 thread we have here to go over there. Then i saw this.


Junior Galette talking down on (former) Saints vets (now with post game comments)
Galette said it was obvious that Smith's leadership was one of his best qualities and teams sometimes tend to undervalue that in a player. But when asked to compare that with the Saints, who also let several of their veterans go, he said that was a completely different situation.

"I mean, c'mon, who are you talking about?" He asked, laughing. "The guys that replaced them are better than they were."

Galette, of course, was talking about departed veterans like Will Smith, Roman Harper, Malcolm Jenkins and Jonathan Vilma.

"Here, the guys that replaced them are better than the guys we had. It's not even close. Across the board," Galette said. "I'll take Kenny Vaccaro any day over any safety. And I'll take (Cam Jordan) over any defensive end. Jairus Byrd over any safety."

Much more here.
Junior Galette: Current New Orleans Saints defenders better than veterans they replaced | NOLA.com

Vilma responds

Let's stay classy Saints

— Jonathan Vilma (@JonVilma51)

December 5, 2014

Smith responds

Smh this fool done lost his mind @JuniorG93, worry about winning games and championship first n then hop off my D$@k http://t.co/soSvZDfUQY

— Will Smith (@iWillSmith)

December 5, 2014

Shanle responds

"@JonVilma51: http://t.co/t2eOqil5Ug
Let's stay classy Saints" u being too nice JV!.pro bowler,team captain and Superbowl champion #nonsense

— Scott Shanle (@scottshanle)

December 5, 2014


Saints players beefing on twitter with former players.

You expect Falcon fans to say "stay classy saints" Last person in the world you expect to say that is Vilma!

Holy break downs batman.

Even spaggs didnt have this kinda choas. when he was there.

I can see fans arguing after a tough loss. But players on twitter? What has the world come to? Payton i cant believe is letting this stuff happen.


Personally i hate to say it. but i have to side with Vilma. This is a cheap *** shot at them. Uncalled for attack on them and very unprofessional to go after the former players.

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