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Buccaneers Rise (Fall) To Top Spot In Nfl Draft Order


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As the playoff picture begins to come into focus, so does the other end of the spectrum, and things are tight there too.

With three weeks left in the regular season, five teams are tied with 2-11 records as they chase the top spot in the NFL Draft, but of that illustrious group, the Buccaneers are the worst of the worst.

Ties for draft order are based on strength of schedule, so the Bucs would own the top pick if the season ended today (which it does not). They can thank the relative weakness of their division for that prize, as the NFC South will likely send three teams into the top 10 picks.

The Titans would pick second based on current standings, followed by the Jaguars and the Jets. The Raiders fell to the fifth spot in order with yesterday’s win.

The sixth through 10th spots would be comprised of Washington (3-10), the Giants (4-9), Panthers (4-8-1), Saints (5-8) and Bears (5-8).

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