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Win Against Gb On Monday And Falcons Can Clinch The Division Next Week?


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Unless I am missing something Falcons will have a chance to clich the division next week vs Pits if they can win against GB on Monday. Division champ @ 7-7 with 2 games remaining? Unreal.

If that happens, we need to play almost all backups for those 2 trash games. Do NOT make the mistake we made in 2012 when we played Abe in a meaningless game.

We should put our first stringers through hard core Chip Kelly style practices for those entire 2 weeks. Wear their azzes out and really push them to a new level. But then play backups in the games so no one gets hurt.

And who knows ... in the ugliest year since Joey Herrington, we might actually see a Falcons playoff victory.

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